Hi, I’m Marisa. 👋

Currently I’m a Senior Product Designer at an e-learning startup called Bright working on the design system.

Just For Fun (some illustration and motion graphic works) ✨
a gif of a blue lagoon drink created in Cinema 4D Litean illustration of a plant-like alien in a space shipa gif showing a search interactiona gif showing an R fading in with graphical elements appearing simultaneouslyan illustration of pink 3D shapes on a light blue planea vector portrait illustration zoomed in on the eyes to show the details in the hair and pupils

I enjoy creating simple, delightful, and inclusive experiences.

When I’m not designing, you would find me vlogging, writing, taking photos, or fulfilling my resident representative duties on St. Waffles (my Animal Crossing island 🏝).

profile picture of me shot by friend Hoyin Chan